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All your gardening needs taken care of by our professional team at affordable rates

Professional Gardening Services

For Domestic and Commercial Properties

We provide professional garden maintenance services to Dronfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield and across the Midlands. Both residential and commercial properties can be kept looking spic and span with our regular visits, or one off jobs as required.

Complete Lawn Mowing Services for your Home and Business

Grass Cutting Services when you want, how you want

With our lawn and grass cut services we make sure to be there right on schedule to leave keep your lawn just how you want it. That way you can keep going on your day without a worry, knowing we keep it freshly cut. No overgrowth, just staying in that moment.

One off lawn mowing services

Sometimes everyone can leave their garden lawns a bit too long and then before you know it, it’s like a jungle! We can come and cut your grass down to length so that you can then keep it maintained. Our prices are assessed on size of the lawn and size of the area. We will complete a free no obligation quote before you commit.

Regular grass cutting service

Our regular service comes with a fixed price. Whether you want it weekly, monthly or a set number of visits throughout the year, we will turn up on time and without any fuss or mess. Our regular service might even be cheaper than the cost of buying a new lawn mower.

Hedge Trimming with no rubbish, no rush

Why not get that hedge cut over with once and for all?

Get over branches to prune, changes depending on the hedges’ age, the shape it’s being given, and then getting rid of what was removed. Why not choose fully trained staff with a hedge cutting service, who have years of experience, who also know the best way to get the job done?

Take the stress and hard work out of maintaining your hedges

No wondering if it’s being done right. No worrying about having to maintain the hedges. While we keep them trimmed for you all you have to do is sit back and relax. We carefully select an approach according to your needs and keep your garden in top shape.

Hedge Trimming

When cutting a hedge it is extremely important not to take off too much foliage in one go. It is recommended that a hedge should not be reduced by more than 50% in any one season as this can lead to loss of trees contained within the hedge. It is better to reduce the height and size over several growing seasons and reduce the level of stress experienced.

Hedge Removal

We also provide hedge removal services. This includes the uprooting of the entire hedge structure and the removal of all waste product. To do this we will trim the hedge back to its core trunks, cut them at ground level and grind any remaining stumps and roots.

All tidy Grounds Maintenance. None of your time.

What if you could use your time doing something else?

Grounds maintenance can be time consuming – that’s where we come in. Here at Dronfield Garden Services we take care of all of that for you. No more wasting time trying to keep your garden as tidy as possible. We take care of that and you can use that time however you want to.

Out team of experts is prepared to give you the ground maintenance services needed to keep your garden just like you want it without having to worry how long it’ll take. Just tell us what you need. We’ll start working on it so you can continue doing what you want. All while resting assured, it’ll be just what you ask for.

Garden Clearance – for when it gets too much

Whatever your Garden Clearance needs, we take care of it

It doesn’t matter if you are a new homeowner or if you’re already established. Whatever your garden clearance needs are, we can take care of them, whether small or big. The price you pay is according just to what you need.

Tired of seeing your littered and overgrown garden not receiving the care it should? Tired of waiting endlessly for something? Something that somehow clears your garden and leaves it just how you want it? Stop waiting. Stop leaving it to fate and just leave it to us. Our clients love our staff and after seeing the careful effort we put into our work, you just might start loving us too.

Ground Maintenance Contractors – your Customers will wish they were back.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression

What if your customers actually were impressed by the image that your business gives? Would you say they would like to go back? Would they return seeing the care that is given to their business? Would they feel that same care would be given to them? We help you show that to your customers. We’ll help you build their trust in you.

Commercial Ground Maintenance tailored for your business

Of course, there are different requirements for different businesses, and that’s why we first carefully observe your business and its grounds maintenance needs. That way we take care of that for you. Now you can focus on the actions that actually matter: making it a success.

Experts in the Trade

Our fully trained staff have years of experience and know the best way to maintain and service your gardens.

All Weather Workers

We will always be on site when we say we will, no matter what the weather there's always something to do in a garden!

Recycling Specialists

We believe that all businesses should be as sustainable as possible - we recycle and re-use as much as we can.

Loved by Our Clients

Our clients love the work we do and our friendly staff are polite and discreet.

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